European Burmeses Cattery

«O stay! thou art so fair!» - Goethe would say, if he saw a Burmese cat.
The Burmese cat is an oriental beauty with aristocratic manners. Its noble elegance, grace, and an incredibly easy disposition have made the Burmese cat a welcomed pet for centuries.

The Burmese belongs to the group of oriental cats; its ancestors came from Thailand. This cat is medium sized. Its marvelous coat of unusual color and delicate silky texture is inherent only to Burmese cats. Once you have touched a Burmese cat, you will never forget the luxurious softness that resembles sable or mink fur, underneath which you can feel a well-built, muscular body. This is why Burmese are jokingly called "bricks wrapped in silk". The movements of the cat are inimitable and it is the cynosure of all eyes!

Due to lack of an undercoat these cats practically do not shed: that is why its neatness deserves the highest praise possible. It's golden amber eyes that look right into your soul complete the hypnotizing image. It is the beauty and grace of a panther in right your home.

As they say, you can read a lot about Burmese cats and admire their photos, but there is nothing like interacting with them. It is something quite different to pet them, feel their mood and look into their eyes.

Owner reviews
I want to say many thanks to breeder Olga, whom I was lucky to meet and who gave me not only a unique cat, but also a faithful friend. The breed is just magical and really differs from other cat breeds. Moreover, the breeder Olga is incredibly kind-hearted and very helpful, always ready to give advice when I needed it. Throughout our journey the cat has never been sick has not had any health problems. All kittens were strong, playful and cheerful. If you decide to get a pet, get one from Olga. You will not regret it! The Burmese cat is a real wonder!

Mary – the owner of the cat Masya
After the death of our cat Hippo, who had lived with us for 20 years, and after my eyes wouldn't tear up upon remembering him, we decided to get a Burmese kitten. I found an ad on the Internet and went to get acquainted with the breeder, Olga. She turned out to be a wonderful owner of these beauties. I immediately chose a kitten. Olga told a lot of useful information about the breed. The kitten needed to be given all the necessary vaccinations. I could pick it up as soon as it turned 3 months old. Now we have Boniface, a cat so affectionate, clean and faithful, it is like a dog. It likes to follow the family rules and traditions. Now I dream of only one thing, I want my cat to live forever. I am so grateful to Olga for this cat. Boniface is 2,5 years and over this time Olga has helped us in many situations, like a real mother. You can feel free to contact her with any questions while the baby is growing.
Helen – the owner of the cat Boniface
I sincerely thank Olga for the beautiful kitten Yarik! I have been choosing a breeder for a long time. I read a lot of information about Burmese kitten. I liked Olga's approach to raising kittens the most. Thanks to her professional competence,we chose this breed. We were in touch all the time. A day didnt't go by without Olga asking how we felt and what we needed. Many thanks to her for her attitude and professionalism!

Mary – the owner of the cat Yarik
Few people know about Burmese cats. I also found out about this breed not so long ago. I saw the photos on the Internet and I could not think of any other breed. I dreamt about this cat and finally I decided to get one. I needed only to choose a kitten, but it was not so easy. It was my luck to become acquainted with a wonderful person and a great breeder, Olga. On one of her photos I saw a mini-panther, the mother of my cat. Now I am a happy owner of Busya.

Lena – the owner of the cat Busya

Love for the breed (how it all started)

I got married 25 years ago and moved north to live with my husband. My husband would work all day long and I felt lonely in a foreign city. I wanted to get a dog or a cat, but the North is cold. This would be a problem for taking the dog out for daily walks, so I settled on a cat. There were no cat clubs in town, so I started searching for a kitten. This was harder than I thought it would be. I would have happily taken any kitten! I asked all my friends and acquaintances; daily I wandered the streets in hopes of finding a homeless kitten or cat, whom I would have gladly grabbed and carried home. But I could not find any cats or kittens. Finally, one Sunday afternoon we went to the market and there, on the corner, stood was a woman with kittens! She was giving them away for free. I got the last black and white kitten, with white paws - as if in slippers - and with white patches on his belly and face. I was in seventh heaven from happiness! There were now three of us in the family! A year later a daughter was born to us. Now we were four, our cat a year older than our daughter. Our daughter and the cat grew together.

Soon we decided to leave the northern region and return to my hometown Nizhny Novgorod. For several days, my daughter, my cat and I went by train with all our belongings. We moved from apartment to apartment numerous times in our life, but our cat was always with us. He had also acquired quite a few necessities, such as toys, trays and bowls. But most importantly, we were together!

When our daughter turned 16 years, the cat was already 17. His health started to let him down. We fought for him with all we had. We didn't want to let him die. It is so sad that cats do not live long. He had become a part of our lives, a part of our family. When he was gone, there was a void in our hearts. Life was not the same without him.

I cried for a long time and my soul was downcast. When shopping at the supermarket, I would go to the pet section to buy something delicious for the cat, but then I would remember that he was gone. All family members were inconsolable for the loss. And I said to myself that I would never again get another pet! For several years there were no pets in our home.

But I longed to once again feel a purring little kitten in my arms, so I began searching the ads for kittens. My daughter showed me the photo of a Burmese cat. I have never seen such cats. The gaze of these piercing amber eyes, silky coat, muscular body in a crease of a macho-cat did not leave my thoughts.

I started to research the breed, read different articles, called the catteries and asked breeders different questions. Burmese kittens were very expensive. But even that didn't stop me. I desired to become the owner of this beauty.

Then, on International Women's Day, my husband gave me a present. He bought a Burmese cat! I was incredibly happy! I had finally become the owner of a Burmese cat.

Burmese cats are different from other breeds thanks to their charisma. They like the game of fetch, can roll themselves up into a ball under a blanket. They are talkative, highly sociable and are true friends.

I decided to take up the breeding of Burmese cats. I completed a course in felinology and registered the cattery. I continue to stay in touch with other Burmese breeders and learn something new and interesting about these cats all the time.

Although this is not easy work, requiring a lot of energy, time and investment, I get great pleasure from this process!