Origins of the Burmese cat breed

A Burmese beauty originated in the Middle Ages

A mysterious eastern country Burma gave these cats their name and became their homeland. Burma borders with Siam, which is modern Thailand. Because of this territorial proximity, in England these cats were called "Black Siamese". This is where their oriental flair originates.
Burmese cats were painted by medieval artists and were mentioned in poems of medieval poets. They lived in temples and monks looked after them. It was believed that they brought harmony, happiness and luck to the house.

It is not surprising that in the modern world these cats have become a sign of exclusivity. Today, Burmese cats are also a symbol of prosperity and success.
Only in the XIX century the breed became widespread in Europe. Great Britain was introduced to the Burmese cats in the late forties. British felinologists worked on the creation of the breed, which became known as the Burmese cat.
European Burmese have retained a rich palette of coat colors, exquisite body structure and a natural elegance. They combined in themselves the best qualities of oriental cats with British nobility.