Your best friends

Unique character

The Burmese cat is a faithful friend. They create an atmosphere of calm and harmony. They are affectionate, playful and cheerful.

The European Burmese cat is well known for its character. It is a jewel of a pet.
For us, the Burmese cat is an ideal combination of oriental beauty and British nobility. Burmese cats open the door to every heart with their soft nature and devotion. Their meditative golden eyes seem to look right through you, into the depths of your soul. Moreover, they love to communicate and socialize with people. They easily handle car trips and have an amazing vitality. Burmese cats get along well with all family members, little kids and other pets, both cats and dogs. They are able to remain calm and dignified even in an unfamiliar space. These good-natured and smart animals do not like loneliness and need the attention of the owners. For the Burmese cat, the owner is at the head of everything.
They have a genetic peculiarity to hide their claws upon contact with human skin. Even kittens instinctively retract the claws when interacting with humans. This is a very unique quality of Burmese cats. Burmese cats do not attack people and aren't vindictive. They are easily trained in home etiquette.